Dec 7, 2012

Grails Improx Plugin 0.1, codenamed GrailsServ, released!

I'm very pleased to announce the release of improx plugin, which provides the way of using interactive mode from other process via TCP.

If you install this plugin to your application, you can invoke any Grails commands on an interactive mode, which started up in advance on a console, from other processes via a  TCP. This means that you can quickly run a test which is opened in you favorite editor or IDE. If you've appropriately set them up, you'd have only to push a key in order to run it.
(from Introduction of Improx Plugin User Guide)

In short, you can quickly run a single test which you're editing now, by one action. If you're frequently writing unit tests as TDD, this is very useful.

It's also easy to integrate with IDEs or editors, for example IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse(GGTS/STS), Sublime Text 2, Vim, and so on.

To learn more about improx plugin, please read the user guide.

Please check it out and send me your feedback!

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